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Judy Rice

As members of Trinity Church, we knew our church family was praying for us. My husband was to have surgery for a meningioma brain tumor. The neurosurgeon told us the surgery would take 8-10 hours. As I prayed one morning, I was surprised when the Holy Spirit placed in my spirit to go to our daughter’s church on Sunday morning. After telling my husband, he agreed that we should go. That morning, we arrived at the church unannounced to our daughter. When the minister began his message he said, “God has changed the service. We are to have a healing service. Now anyone who needs healing, physically or spiritually or anyone who is an intercessor come to the altar and pray!”

Quickly, Bob and I went to the altar where the pastor prayed for Bob, and his wife, a prayer warrior, prayed with me. As we prayed ... slowly ... a spirit of peace settled over my unsettled mind and body. I knew then that God’s hand was over the surgery.

The surgeon had scheduled the surgery on a Saturday so that there could be 8-10 hours available. When that Saturday came, I sat in the waiting room and prayed that God would keep Bob and the team safe.

My family and I were astonished when after only two hours into the surgery, the surgeon walked into the waiting room. My heart raced fearing bad news, until I saw the huge smile. The surgeon said, “Incredibly, when we began to remove the tumor, it just rolled out!”

Yes, our God is incredible and powerful. I praise God for hearing my prayers. I praise God for the special healing prayer time. I am glad I listened to the Spirit’s prompting and received my Lord’s peace. I praise God for Bob’s healing. And I thank God for Trinity UMC, our home church, which supported us with abundant prayers and love.

If you are looking for a church with caring and loving people, a church that anoints with oil and prays for healing, a church that experiences Jesus in worship, a church that reaches out to those in need, ... you’ve found the right place. You are invited to visit and worship at Trinity. (We have two morning worship services, Contemporary at 9:00 a.m. and Traditional at 10:30 a.m.)

This is one of many experiences in my life where the Lord has shown me He is real and that He answers our prayers. He will answer you, too. Ask Him.

Oh, and Bob turned 80 years old two weeks ago. He is still going strong – praise the Lord!

With love,