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Juile Caywood

I grew up not really believing I fit in everywhere because we always moved around. College Hill, Waco, two years in Maysville, 8 years in Prestonsburg and then moved right in the middle of high school, moved to Covington to serve up the homeless and see a very different part of life. Berea, Richmond, Evansville, Owensboro, Newburgh, Asheville, Waynesville and finally back to Columbia. Home was never a place, but a group of people to me. The moving got old, but I managed it.

During all this time, I had gotten divorced and remarried. Indiana was the dry lands I ran too. Was told when I was working as an ophthalmic technician that I wasn’t good enough to work in the medical field. So I left. Left Indiana and went over 1000 miles east. Sounds like Jonah and the whale. It wasn’t Whaley fun.

A nice man helped me move to Asheville. Very tall and handsome. He canoed with me on Lake Junaluska, went to see the Indians in Cherokee, motorly climbed the Blue Ridge Mountains with me and so much more. I was hooked. He reeled me in. He got the real deal. Little did he know!

Asheville was my dream place to live. Got offered a job as a roaster in the Asheville Coffee District. The owner of the coffee shop, “You’re young and you’ll never get this experience again. Don’t give it up for family”.

I was at a dilemma. Family vs. dream job. I chose my family.

For so long I compared myself to others. I judged myself and let those negative thoughts sink into my heart. I got walled up and insecure. I felt like my mistakes defined me and that I wasn’t good enough. Those lies can saturate your life and bring you down to the point of which you want to run away. And that’s exactly what I did.

You see we all have similar experiences. No one's story is better than anybody else’s but consider His story. You’re not alone. Christ carries you when needed. He sits in the room in that empty chair when your heart aches. The Lord sets up things in your life and you don’t even realize it. The Lord works everything for good for those who love Him.

He paved a path for me in Columbia. He gave me a godly man who takes care of our children and talks with them when they're upset.

The Lord gave me an opportunity to grow closer with my family and the support system I needed for healing. And He gave me a new heart. He restored me.

He provided me with a church family that’s as good as gold. People who I can relate too. Wise ladies who I can relate with and serve along side the Preschool Ministry doing creative food ideas. Other moms I can text about mom life moments especially in Snapchat funny filters. And purposeful conversations with others in the church who seek to glorify the Lord. Trinity has been home. Out of the 22 places I have personally lived and the many churches I have been apart of ... Trinity has a genuine heart and constantly seeks out what the Lord wants. We back scratch, joke around, keep each other in line and encourage another in prayer, presence and purpose.

Some change tires and others get tired, but we are wheely good about loving each other.

If you’re imperfect, come to Trinity. If you’re perfect, come let us rub some mud on your clothes so you can wear filthy rags. for Jesus.

This is me, restored by Jesus!
Julie Caywood