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Robin Bailey

I have been blessed over and over by our Heavenly Father, but one blessing that stands out and comes to mind in a split second is this one:

Two years ago, my husband, Phil, and I were going through some financial difficulties. At the time, Phil had suffered three separate strokes and was now unable to work. He had applied for disability benefits, but he had not yet been approved. Several years earlier, I had taken a terrible fall and had broken my neck. After many, many surgeries and still living with acute pain at times on a daily basis, I had also applied for and was working to receive disability benefits for myself. We were living off of Phil’s pension from his previous employment in Florida as a firefighter. Money was extremely tight. There were many months we had just enough to meet our financial needs, yet there were many months that we were struggling to even have that. This was one of those months.

I have a dear friend at church that means so very much to me! She knew our financial situation, and during our difficult times, she would mail us small amounts of money that would help us out tremendously. As the saying goes “every little bit counts”.

On this particular week, Phil was not feeling well. He had a bad cold brewing and was very exhausted and sick. I wanted him to go to the doctor to find out what was going on and to get some medication for his severe symptoms. He refused to seek medical attention, because there was no extra money. His condition grew worse as the days went by.

I had just received a card and $25.00, a $20.00 bill and $5.00 bill, from my church friend. When Sunday morning arrived, Phil was feeling much worse and could not go to church with me. As I arrived at church, I saw Brother Steve and asked if he could say prayers for Phil. I also explained that Phil was refusing to go to the doctor due to us not having the extra money for co-pays and medicine. Brother Steve said that we would certainly have prayer for Phil in the service and asked if it would be okay to share our situation with the congregation. I said “Yes.”

As I walked to the pew, my thoughts and emotions were everywhere, i.e. worried about Phil’s health, how to get him to the doctor, financial problems - what were we going to do?

As the service progressed, I continued to pray. The Lord began to speak to me about putting $20.00 in the offering plate. However, I knew we needed every dollar we had. Plus I kept hearing Phil’s direction to me. Prior to leaving for church that morning, Phil had said to put $10.00 in the offering plate. My heart kept telling me to put in the $20.00 bill, which is exactly what I did. I knew it was the Lord’s leading. After the offering plates were passed, Brother Steve said that the Lord was laying it on his heart to pass the offering plate around again for Phil and I in order to get Phil to the doctor and buy needed medicine. By this time in the service, I was extremely emotional and crying. Brother Steve asked my dear friend to come sit with me. As upset as I was, my friend kept saying, “It is a blessing from God!” After the special offering was taken, Brother Steve asked the ushers to bring me the offering. As I looked down into the plate, I could not believe my eyes. It was overflowing with $20.00 bills. Here it was plain as day in front of me . . . the $20.00 bill that I had hesitated, but did give to God, was given back to me, ... in an “exceedingly and abundantly” manner.

God did just as He tells us He would do. Give and it shall be given to you. God showed me to trust and believe in Him and His blessings.

With those extra funds that God supplied through Trinity UMC, I was able to take Phil to the doctor. Phil was diagnosed with pneumonia, was admitted into the hospital, and was able to get the proper medical care he needed.

Perhaps you have a need in your life, much like Phil and I did during those difficult financial days filled with sickness. Would you be willing to let God work in your life as well? Jesus said that the Father will supply all our needs. Are you looking for a place to worship God? To know Jesus? To be with loving people? Please think about worshiping at Trinity. You can sit with Phil and me if you want! This gift from God is one of only many times He has guided and helped me. I thank Him! And I want to know Him more and more. Please know, if you are struggling or short on supply, God will help. Ask Him!

With much love,

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