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Robyn Mantooth

Mike and I were raised by Christian parents who had us in church every Sunday. When Mike and I started our own family, we knew that we wanted to keep the same Christian values our parents taught us and attend church faithfully. However, since neither of us lived in the same town where we grew up, we had to find a new church to attend. We needed a place that was good for all of us as a family- not just for him, not just for me, and not just for the kids, but for all of us.

We believe that Sunday School not only has a strong impact on kids, but for adults as well. Sunday nights and Wednesday night services are just as important as that Sunday morning service. We needed a church that wasn’t a place for perfect people, but a place that we could let our guard down and be real with everyone there. We needed a church that would lift us up when we needed it, but have a good belly laugh when it was called for, too. More importantly, we needed to be held accountable in our Christian walk.

One summer Sunday, God led us to Trinity United Methodist Church. As soon as we entered the building, we were greeted by the nicest people. The service was Spirit-led and the music… words can’t give it justice…it was AMAZING! At Trinity there are many activities and lessons for children and youth, as well as adults. Trinity has every member of your family involved- not just for the husband, not just for the wife, and not just for the kids- but for everyone.

Since attending Trinity, Mike and I have moved our membership and both of our girls have been saved and baptized. Do you know how it feels to wake up every Sunday morning and be excited to go to church as a family? If not, please consider visiting Trinity United Methodist. In the words of my kids, “Trinity is just awesome.” From the pastor’s sermon, to the music, to the youth and children’s ministry, Trinity has your entire family covered.

With peace and joy in Jesus,