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Sarah Dean

I grew up in church my entire life, so did my husband Jordan. When we got married it just didn’t feel right for one of us to give up our “home” church for the other persons. We decided we needed to find a new home church for us to start our family.

During a time in my life that felt unsteady, and different from how I envisioned, a friend of mine invited me to The Living Last Supper at Trinity. She met me in the parking lot and walked in with me. I remember knowing that night that I had found our home. I couldn’t wait to share with Jordan.

After that one night, I knew God had used his faithful servant (Sandy Wilson) to lead Jordan and I to Trinity. The people there don’t just love you, they show you. Love is an action and they live it out.

If you’re looking for a home, a place where you can be your genuine self (mess and all), a place that invests in your children and family, friends that show up and pray for you in your driveway, friends that rock your babies when they are fussing during Bible study and community that lifts you up when you’re deep in a valley, Trinity is where you belong.

With much love,