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Troy Hancock

You know, I hate to say it ... but my own brother, Alex, is the reason I’m in church. For a long time Alex would invite me to come, and I didn’t go. We worked together at Dad’s Tire Store, but we didn’t go to church together. Then the day came that I felt I needed to go. So I did. And now I wouldn’t be anywhere else on Sunday morning – I’m glad to be at church! I’m glad to worship God! I’m glad to be a follower of Jesus! He has done so much for me. I’m glad!

This joy is something that’s contagious. I see people come into the shop all the time ... carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. So I offer what my Lord has done for me. I may not be able to solve the problems they have, but I know Who can. And I’m not afraid to bring up Jesus’ name in conversation. I don’t push Him on people, but I sure wouldn’t want people to leave the shop or even leave church without hope. There seems to be a lot of hopelessness going around ... and I really want people to know there is help in God.

God has helped me so many times. Here are a couple times. Around eight years ago I had a sore wrist, I mean painful! And the work I do (not my brother, I do the work at the shop LOL) requires me to use my hands. The pain got so bad that I told my family about it. And wouldn’t you know my seven year old granddaughter, Skye, heard me talking. She went and prayed to God about Papa’s hurt wrist. And I’m telling you the truth, the next morning I woke up and ... my wrist didn’t hurt. Not at all! Then Skye told me that she prayed that God would heal my wrist. I was amazed at the faith of that child. And the answer God gave!

Another time I was on vacation with our family in Panama City, Florida, and we were swimming in some big waves. All of sudden, I was pulled out to sea by a strong undertow. Now I’m not a weakling, but I tried to swim back to shore and I couldn’t do it. It doesn’t take long to become exhausted when swimming hard ... and I was getting weaker and weaker. Then I realized ... I’m not going to make it. I can’t beat this, I can’t get back ... it’s all over. About that time a hand grabbed my arm and started pulling. This courageous man had swam out to save me ... and he did. He pulled me back in to shore. I’m alive today because this man had the courage to come and rescue me. It was the Lord’s work to send that man to help me.

Now it’s my work for Him to send me to help you. Are you hurt? Are you weak? Are you losing the battle called life? I’ve got plenty more to share ... about the wonderful love of my dad, Oral Hancock. And the powerful life change my sister, Tracy, has made. And I’ll tell these things or maybe Tracy will tell it herself. But right now let me open the door for you to know the peace and even the joy that I have in my heart. It all comes from God, it all comes from His Son, Jesus.

I’d like to invite you to Trinity. I’ll greet you at the door, I’ll come open your car door ... if you will give Jesus a try. I love my Lord, I love my church family ... some of the best people in the world. They’d do anything for you. All I can do is offer my healed hand and my changed heart. Come and give Jesus a try. You won’t be disappointed. Or stop by at the shop anytime ... Hancock Tire. I don’t want anyone to lose hope ... when Jesus is full of hope!

With love,